Masters Misc

Project Teams

The most common theorised definitions of the project team include the functional team, the dedicated project team, the matrix team and the contract team. In practice, teams are often a mix of all of the above and more often that not are combined with the notion of a virtual team.

General IT Misc

Being a Great Playtester

A playtest involves playing through a game in order to find any bugs or design issues before the full release date. Playtesting involves various different stages and can be open or closed. In order to understand how playtesting can be useful, it is important to establish what makes a great playtester.

Development Misc

Why use Icon Fonts?

How useful would it be to have common icons readily available as fonts instead of images? Icon Fonts, step forward and take a bow…


So, are you sure you’re not intelligent?

I have lost count over the amount of times I have heard someone claim they are not intelligent. When you put some serious thought into it and look at the theory behind intelligence, how could somebody make such a statement?