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Happy Birthday Windows 98!

This week marks the 20th birthday of Windows 98 – like its predecessor it was a hybrid 16-bit and 32-bit operating system based on MS-DOS.

Later editions of Windows (Windows NT 4.0), most of the Windows user base did not have the hardware available to run anything much better than Windows 95, hence the release of Windows 98 in an attempt to bridge the gap.

Windows 98 came with a range of (at the time) innovative features such as USB support (although this crashed during a live demo), Internet Explorer 4.01 (which resulted in the start of anti-trust litigation) and Active Desktop, which allowed users to have HTML content on their desktop at the cost of copious amounts of RAM and CPU.

Whilst there were many negative reviews of Windows 98, with some insiders at the time describing it as ‘evolutionary but not revolutionary‘, I will always have a soft spot for Windows 98 as the first Windows OS I really got my hands on.

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