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Happy Birthday Windows 98!

This week marks the 20th birthday of Windows 98 – like its predecessor it was a hybrid 16-bit and 32-bit operating system based on MS-DOS.

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Project Teams

The most common theorised definitions of the project team include the functional team, the dedicated project team, the matrix team and the contract team. In practice, teams are often a mix of all of the above and more often that not are combined with the notion of a virtual team.

General IT Tutorials

Creating a Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine

Windows Server 2012 is the sixth release of Windows Server and succeeds Windows Server 2008 R2. At the time of writing, Windows Server 2012 R2 is the latest server operating system released by Microsoft, with Windows Server 2016 currently being available as a technical preview.

General IT Misc

Being a Great Playtester

A playtest involves playing through a game in order to find any bugs or design issues before the full release date. Playtesting involves various different stages and can be open or closed. In order to understand how playtesting can be useful, it is important to establish what makes a great playtester.

Masters Tutorials

Creating a Kali Virtual Machine

Kali is a Linux Debian distribution tailored to forensic investigations, computer security and penetration testing. Installing Kali in a virtual environment avoids any potential damage to the main operating system and files.


Tamper Evident Bags – Good Practice Guide

In any criminal investigation, tamper evident bags are used to collect evidence. In the UK, these bags have to meet specific government regulations in order to be admissible as evidence in court. In line with this, the UK government has published a good practice guide detailing how to use tamper evident bags (TEBs) correctly.

General IT Masters

Stages of an Incident Lifecycle

Forensic investigations normally take place within the framework of an incident and thus follow a common cycle of events. You suspect that an employee has found a way of intercepting emails from one of their colleagues. What would the incident lifecycle look like?

General IT Masters Tutorials

Producing and Analysing a Log File

You suspect somebody of secretly using your computer and you want to perform a forensic investigation to prove it. The event log in Windows is an extremely useful tool and records huge amounts of system data.