General IT Masters Tutorials

Using PhotoRec to Recover Images

PhotoRec is an open-source application that aims to recover media files (photos, videos and documents) from drives even after they have been deleted and removed. Despite What many user may think, files are hardly ever truly deleted.

General IT Tutorials

A Guide to Cable Management

After buying a new SSD the dreaded time had come to open up my case. Having built my PC nearly three years ago (and not doing any sort of cable management) I knew the mess that I would be faced with.

Before installing my new SSD I thought I would take the opportunity to remove all components and start over (I had that much spare time on my hands). Once I opened up the case, I forgot just how bad a state I had left it in.

General IT Masters

How do Fictional Crime Dramas Affect Public Perception of Forensic Science?

The profession of forensic science has gained huge popularity in recent years thanks to television programs such as CSI and Silent Witness. These programs utilise different disciplines of forensic science including pathology, DNA, toxicology and digital. With this in mind, just how accurate is the science behind a TV drama?

General IT

How Knowledgeable can a Knowledge Base really be?

A knowledge base can be defined as a centralised system for the storing of data, typically in the form of a database. Knowledge bases can be used in a multitude of business environments and could contain information on various different subject areas (think Wikipedia).

When we have this repository of centralised information at our fingertips how useful can it be and what are the benefits for the end user and the business?

Development Misc

Why use Icon Fonts?

How useful would it be to have common icons readily available as fonts instead of images? Icon Fonts, step forward and take a bow…


Creating a Contact Form

A contact form is a simple and effective way of allowing your customers and viewers to get in touch with you. This contact form is comprised of two parts; the client side and the server side.


So, are you sure you’re not intelligent?

I have lost count over the amount of times I have heard someone claim they are not intelligent. When you put some serious thought into it and look at the theory behind intelligence, how could somebody make such a statement?