So, are you sure you’re not intelligent?

I have lost count over the amount of times I have heard someone claim they are not intelligent. When you put some serious thought into it and look at the theory behind intelligence, how could somebody make such a statement?

If you dig deep enough into the subject of human intelligence you are bound to stumble across the ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ written by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book, Frames of Mind. The main idea behind this theory is that we shouldn’t see intelligence as one single entity but rather as a blend of various strengths and attributes.

In the book, Gardner outlines nine types of intelligence that range from interpersonal to existential and musical to logical. Like many other theories that aim to categorise how we think and act (Belbin team roles comes to mind), the onus is that we typically have a blend of different intelligence areas rather than us belonging to just one area.

types of intelligenceTypes of Intelligence

Aside from this, who exactly governs what intelligence is? It is said that intelligence is being able to solve life’s problems or being able to create or offer something valuable to society. In this sense of the word, aren’t we all intelligent in our own unique way?

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