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Free Download: Building Information Security Culture Presentation

This free presentation (with provided speaking points) provides an introduction to building an information security culture to a non InfoSec audience.

Many people see these topics as problems just for security – start talking about security and people’s eyes start to glaze over.

A cultural shift is required to drive change in the organisation and move the conversation of security away from a technology problem and into a conversation about how security is integrated into the company.

Security should be one of the first things people think about, not a last resort. Security is not an add on but rather an important part of how the organisation conducts its business.

You can find this free digital resource here.

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What is IAAA?

How does security in systems actually work? Well, security generally works on a principle called IAAA; Identification, Authentication, Authorisation, Accountability. Read on to find out what this principle looks like in the real world.